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  • Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, Special Student (1986 / 1987) Educational Psychology Department University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.
  • Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences (1985) Leadership Institute of Spokane Whitworth College, Spokane, WA
  • Master of Continuing Education (1974)
  • Postgraduate Diploma of Continuing Education (1971) Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (1968) Faculty of Agriculture, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB
  • Clinical Chartered Psychologist, & Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Employee Assistance Program Counselor, Manitoba Civil Service Commission,Province of Manitoba, Westman & Parkland Regions, Brandon, Manitoba Autumn '99 - Spring '04
  • Clinical Private Practice, Since September 1985 (Continuous) Henderson & Associates, Edmonton, AB, & Brandon, MB
    • Individual, Couple/Marital, and Family Therapy: up to 800 clinical hours per year
    • Remarriage, and Step Family Therapy, and Education
    • Intensive Therapy Groups for Individuals, and Couples
      • "Getting the Love You Want" ,Couples Workshop, 1988 - 1994
      • "Creative Step Family Marriage" , Couples Wrkshp, 1994 - 1998
      • Sessional Lecturer, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, " Basic Counseling Skills", University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (1987 - 1989)
    • Inservice Training and Education
      • "Creating Partnerships: Collaborative Skills Training", Manitoba Region Field Staff, Ducks Unlimited, Canada, Brandon, MB, March 1999, & November 2000
      • "Stress Management for the Farm Family", and " Strengthening Love Relationships", Peace Region F.C.S.S, Felher, AB, February 12 - 14, 1998
      • Conflict Resolution: Concepts & Competencies, Credit Course (30hr) Swine Technicians, Assiniboine Community College, October 1999 ~ Practical Skills: Assessment & Intervention, Credit Course (13 wks) Practical Skills Counseling Certificate, Assiniboine Community College, Autumn '99
  • Staff Associate, Pastoral Institute of Edmonton (Aug. '87 - June '89)
  • Individual, Couple, Marital Therapist, under AAMFT Supervision (Details Below)
  • Plan/Conduct Premarital, and Remarriage Education Programs (10 per year)
  • "Issues in Psychotherapy " Seminar (Weekly)
  • Case Review Consultancy (Weekly)

Clinical Training and Supervision

  • Pastoral Institute of Edmonton, St. Stephens College, University of Alberta, Edmonton Director, The Rev. Dr. John Carr, Chartered Psychologist, Province of Alberta Clinical Supervisor, Dr. Larry Gironella, MD, Psychiatrist (August '87 - May ' 89) Internship II : September '83 - June '84 Internship III : September '86 - June '87
  • Inter Faith Pastoral Institute, Faculty of Theology, University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Clinical Supervisor, The Rev. Dr. Richard Deering, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist Clinical & Education Director, The Rev. Dr. Gordon Toombs, D.Div., Regist. Psych. Internship I : September '75 - June '76 Dr. Merika Graham, Ph.D., Registered Clinical Psychologist Additional Course Work: April - June '90; and September '90 - April '91
  • TAT: Healing the Emotional Factors in Cancer (Feb. 21 - 22, 2005) Sydney, British Columbia (12 Cnt.Ed. Hrs., Energy Psychology Association) Ms. Tappas Fleming, Tappas Fleming, Acupuncturist, E.P.A. Member, New York, USA Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference (3rd, Nov. 7 - 9 /01, & 4th Nov. 6-9/02, Toronto, Ontario. (17- 23 Cnt.. Education Hrs, both years: World Class Theory, Practice Presenters)
  • Sponsor: Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, North America Thought-Field Therapy / Emotional Freedom Techniques: A Theory & Applications Workshop, July, & September 2000 Two 15 Hour Workshops, Level I , Saskatoon, & Level II, Edmonton Dr. Lee Pulos, Ph. D., Registered Psychologist, BC; Professor, Joint Appointment, Faculty of Psychiatry, & Faculty of Dentistry, U. B.C., Vancouver, BC *** One Year Supervision (Long Distance), Application of Energy Psychology, Theory & Practice, 2000/2001 Gambling Addiction: Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment, November 7, 2000
  • Presenter: The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba, Provincial & Interagency E.A.P. Counselors, Wpg.
  • Anxiety Disorders: Research, Diagnosis & Treatment Approaches, May13 &
  • Presenter: Dr. Keith Reid, Ph.D. Chapel Hill, North Carolina P.A.A.Spring Conference, Calgary, AB
  • Eliminating Racism: An Experiential Confrontation, May 15, 1999
  • Presenter: Dr. Beth Hedva, Ph.D., Orinda, CA & Calgary, AB. P.A.A Spring Conference, Calgary, AB Betrayal, Trust, and Forgiveness: Therapeutic Approaches October 18 &19, 1997
  • Presenter: Dr. Beth Hedva, Ph.D., Orinda, CA, & Calgary, AB Developing Skills in Solutions Focused Brief Therapy July 1 - 5, 1996
    Family Therapy Training Program (AAMFT Accredited - 40 Hrs. Cnt.Ed.
    Credits) Institute of Psychotherapy, Bow Valley Center, Calgary General Hospital
    Presenter: Ms. Nancy McConkey, M.S.W., Instructor and Private Practice Psychotherapist, Calgary, AB

Organizational Effectiveness Practice History

  • Executive Director (November '83 - May 1986) Family Life Education Council of Edmonton, Edmonton, AB
    • Initiated 1984/1985 "Strategic Planning and Impact Assessment" processes. Planned, and evaluated application of results with Board, Staff, Primary Funders, and related Agencies.
  • Provincial Personal Development Specialist, Alberta Agriculture, Edmonton,
    AB (Winter '82 - August '83)
    • Consultant to nine Regional Specialists, and other Divisions in all aspects of their Rural Education & Development mandate
    • Plan, Staff, Supervise, & Deliver two major Provincial 4H Youth Conferences
    • Created new province wide youth Communications Training program, in collaboration with Regional & Provincial Youth Specialists: Supervised development of Course materials, and conducted formal Orientation Training sessions with each Region's Staff and Adult Youth Leaders.
  • Program Director (August '78 - December '82) Rural Community Resource Center, Brandon University, Brandon, MB
    • Co-Directed the Centre's consultancy, and training resource to community organizations, educational institutions, non profit societies, business and government across the Manitoba, and Prairie region.
      • Adult Educator & Lecturer, Extension Division, Brandon University:
        non credit courses in Management Training; Community and Organizational Leadership; Personal Development; Marital Communications, and Interpersonal Effectiveness
      • Principal Consultant, "Strategic Planning Process" Canadian Gymnastics Federation, Ottawa, (Sept. '80 - June '81)
      • Principal Consultant , "Trainers for Trainers", Canadian Mental Health
        Association, Westman Region Volunteers. (Aug. '78 - Aug. '82)
      • Sessional Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Brandon University "Community Education: Theory and Practice" (PENT, & BUNTEP) (1979; 1980; 1981)
  • Principal Consultant (Sept. '75 - Jan. '80) Henderson, Graham, and Barr, Consultants & Trainers, Winnipeg, MB. Consultancy Services provided to Government
    • Health and Welfare Canada, Medical Service Man. Region
      • Design, delivery, and evaluation of Community Health Workers Training (C.H.R), plus on site Field Supervision: 31 trainees from 26
        Aboriginal Communities across the Province. (Aug. '77 - April '78)
    • Work Activity Projects, F.C.S.S, Manitoba Region (1978-1979)
      • Needs assessment, design, delivery, and evaluation of "Staff and Organizational Renewal" at five Manitoba locations to First Nations Organizations and Communities
    • The Pas Indian Band, Council and Staff Development (1976 - 1978)
      • Strategic Planning with Chief and Council concerning future development plans for their community. Human Resource planning and policy formation. Staff training design, delivery, and evaluation to achieve the stated Vision articulated in the Strategic Plan.
    • Manitoba Indian Brotherhood, Human Resource Development Planning (Oct. '78 - May '79)
      • Interpretation of general Council Policy Directives into specific H. R. Development plans, including staff portfolio / position Objectives, Action plans, and Performance Management processes. Staff / Team Development sessions to operationalize the model(s) created.
  • Chief, 4H and Youth (May 1972 - April 1975)
  • 4H Club Specialist (May 1966 - April 1972) Rural Community and Family Development Branch, Extension Division Manitoba Agriculture
    • Consulted, and Created with other Departmental Leadership, a " Planned Regionalization of Manitoba Agriculture ". Specific developmental processes for Co - Supervision of seven Regional 4H Club Specialists with newly created Regional Directors, such that both regional, and provincial responsibilities were achieved.
    • Planned, delivered, controlled, and evaluated yearly Budgetary and Fiscal
      Management processes, Reporting to the Division Manager.
    • Conducted Master level research on the effectiveness of 36 District 4H Club Councils across rural Manitoba, with follow through Development processes to enhance their empowerment, and effectiveness.
      Departmental Staff training sessions designed and conducted supportive to fullerempowerment of District 4H Club Councils (from limited Advisory to Co
      - Leadership status with Departmental staff).
    • As Manitoba's Representative, Canadian 4H Club Council, facilitated decentralization of programming from central Canada, to the Prairies, and Atlantic Canada.

Organizational Effectiveness Continuing Education

  • Workplace Health Advisor: Assessment, Planning & Coaching (Oct 18th, 2007)
    Psychology Association of Alberta, Edmonton
    Presenter: Dr Judith Holden-Cooper, Ph.D., Duke University, USA
    Consultancy Competence: Development & Renewal (July 2 - 5,1992)
    Leadership Institute of Seattle, City University, Seattle, WA
    Personnel Management and the Law (July 3 - 6, 1985)
    H.R. Development Association of Alberta, Edmonton The Weisbord Six Box Model of Organizational Analysis (Jan. 12 - 15, 1987) Faculty of Extension, Non Credit Division, Univ. of Victoria
    Presenter: Dr. Marvin Weisbord, Ph.D., Los Angeles
  • Strategic Planning Processes: Consultancy Model (August 1982)
    Faculty Of Extension, Non Credit Division, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Coaching & Contracting for Performance: A Situational Leadership Process (Aug. '78) University Associates Canada, Inc., Vancouver.
    Presenter: Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D.,Los Angeles
    Situational Leadership: Concepts and Methodology (March 1978)
    University Associates, Canada, Inc., Calgary
    Presenter: Dr. Paul Hersey, Ph.D.,Palo Alto, CA
  • Master of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences (Sept.1975 - Feb.1984)
    Leadership Institute of Spokane, Whitworth College, Spokane, WA
    • Competency based , intensives Learning Model: Theory immediately concretized into applied skills via intensive Training Groups (Peer & Professional Staff Evaluation of Demonstrated Competence to achieve
    • Winter Intensives, & Summer 1976: six weeks intensive, Gonzaga University Retreat Center,Spokane, WA
    • Action Research Project, and Thesis: Longitudinal Study Of Field Effectiveness,Westman Regional Mental Health Volunteer Development (Aug.1978 - Aug.1982)
  • Master of Continuing Education
    (Sept.1970 - April 1974)
    Faculty of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK
    • Full range of Academic courses: Community Development; Program Planning & Evaluation: The Psychology of Adult Learning; Group Effectiveness - Methods & Process; Research Methodology ; Community Needs Assessment ; and Academic Thesis
    • Strong focus upon Theory , & Applied Skills
    • Thesis: "Factors Affecting the Activity Level of 36 District Manitoba 4H Club Councils", then applied Trainer - for- Trainer Development , Delivery , and Effectiveness Evaluation process


  • Dr. Heather Bain, Ph.D., Chartered Psychologist, Alberta (780) 413 - 3269 Private Practice, Clinical Psychology, Edmonton Dr. Jim Henry, Ph.D., Chartered Psychologist, Alberta, Faculty of Educational Psychology, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, AB
    Author, & Songwriter (403) 329 - 2271
  • Dr. Robert Pogue, Ph.D., Chartered Psychologist, Alberta, " Living Well
    Counseling Services", Calgary Alberta Private Practice. (250) 862 - 0377
  • Dr. Jim Henry, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta
Clinical Continuing Education Courses & Workshops
(Additional Continuing Education Completed 2004 - 1981)
  • TAT Energy Healing Method: Healing the Emotional Factors in Cancer (February 2004) Sydney Conference Center, Sydney, BC
    Presenter: Ms Tappas Fleming, Registered Acupuncturist, & Mbr., Energy Psychology
  • Association (EAP) Building Healthy Marital Relationships, January 23 - 25, 1997 Banff Couples Conference & Training Program
    Presenters: Dr. Gay Hendricks,Ph.D., & Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks,Ph.D., Therapists/Authors, San Diego, CA
  • The Symptom Path to Enlightenment, & The Theory and Practice of Mind Body Healing, Alberta Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Annual Conf., February 13&14, 1997
    Presenter: Dr. Earnest Rossi, Ph.D., Analyst, Researcher and Author, Malibu, CA
  • The Fisher King, and The Handless Maiden, September 9 & 10, 1997 Friends of Jung Society, Calgary, AB
    Presenter: Dr. Robert A. Johnson, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst & Author, Santa Barbara, CA
  • The Mind, The Body, The System: Ecological Approaches to Family Therapy Alberta AAMFT Spring Educational Conference, May 3, 1996 Loma Linda University, Canadian Campus, College Heights, AB
    Presenter: Dr. Nellie Radomsky, M.D., Ph.D., AAMFT Clinical Member, Calgary, AB
  • Rewriting Love Stories
    Sponsor: Solutions Counseling and Consulting, Calgary AB, April 4 - 5, 1995
    Presenter: Mr. Bill O'Hanlon, M.S., Omaha, NB
  • Hypnosis and Brief Therapy: Treating Depression and Anxiety
    Sponsor: Northlands Family Counseling Center Ltd. , Edmonton, September 9 - 10, 1994
    Presenter: Dr. Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D., Los Angeles, CA
  • The Quest for Sexual Potential: Exploding the Myths and Creating a New Paradigm of Marital Sexuality, Athabaska University, Edmonton, AB, December
    6 - 7 , 1994
    Presenter: Dr. David Snarch, Ph.D., New Orleans, LA, & Breckenridge, CO
  • Conference on Mens Issues University of Alberta Campus, Edmonton, June 9 - 11, 1994 Psychologists Association of Alberta, & Cnt. Professional Education, U. of Alberta
    Keynote Presenter: Dr. Sam Keen, Author & Professor of Philosophy and Religion
  • Vision Quest: Journey to Wholeness Langskib Island,Lake Tamagami, N. Ontario, August 15 - 22, 1992
    Keynote Presenter: Dr. Robert A. Johnson, Jungian Analyst & Author, San Diego, CA
  • Pain Control; and Healing Trauma: An Ericksonian Perspective
    Athabaska University, Edmonton, October 17 - 20, 1991
    Presenter: Dr. Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D., Encinitas, CA Case Supervisor: Dr. Heather Bain, Ph.D., Edmonton (Sept. 1995 - Dec. 1996)
    AFM Family Training Program Alcohol Foundation of Manitoba, Winnipeg (12 Week Program) Sept. - Oct. 1990
    Facilitator: Ms. Helena M. Fitzgerald
  • Sexual Attitudes ReAssessment (SAR)
    Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Occupational Therapy, University of Alberta, Intercession, May 1987
    Professor: Ms. Benita Fifield, M.Sc.OT., University of Alberta, Edmonton Family
  • Mediation: One Week Intensive Alberta Family Mediation Association, Edmonton, February 1987
    Presenter: Dr. John Haynes, Ph.D., Long Island, NY
  • Divorce Mediation: A Rational Alternative Non Credit Continuing Education, Brandon University, October 7 -8, 1981 Dr. Howard H. Irving, Ph.D., Psychologist & Author, Toronto, ON

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